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Study group of known or suspected lymphoma cases as of 11/1/02
ORIENTALS   * = cat is alive

    Algebra's Calypso of Y-Not*
    Algebra's Equal*
    Algebra's Esmerelda
    Algebra's Pantera of Teshari
    Algebra's QT PI*
    Algebra's Simon
    Algebra's X Marks The Spot, DM*
    Arabel Julian
    Arabi's Lovin Every Minute Ofit
    Bel Canto Pinwie of Perelandra
    Berkeley's Zuni of Felides Vivres
    Casadecano's Bailey Sloss
    Casadecano's Explorer
    Casadecano's Sherlock Cruz
    CJKatz Donagh O'Kaycee of Begbie
    Darkhorse's Jett Rink
    Darkhorse's Jett Rink II
    El-Dia English Rose 
    El-Dia Galaxy of Winterfrost
    El-Dia Short Change
    El-Dia Silver Streak of Furstarr
    Fathoms English Rose
    Felitan Mick Jaguar of Y-Not*
    Felitan Nelsonbunkerhunt
    Felitan Polkadot
    Glor-ee Carla
    Glor-ee Silver Knight
    Hobbikats "MFNLkidsI&II"
    Katko's "MFNLkid"
    Kattalyst Yankee Doodles*
    La Krys "MFNLkid"
    McKatley Katrina of Freelee
    Mitsumews Chip 'N Dale of Algebra
    Mitsumews "MFNLkidII"
    Mitsumews "MFNLkidIII" 
    Mystic Quest Mocchachino
    Pawdedeux Ghirardelli
    Prairiepaws Silver Streak
    Rakiscats "MFNLkid"
    Rogue Joyeux Noel of Glor-ee
    Schuyler Sterling of Felitan
    Sinchu Zorro*
    Spurs Tanuk
    Sujonz The Right Stuff of Nantascot*
    Sydsu "MFNL/LymphomakidsI&II"
    Synergy "MFNLkidsI&II"
    Synergy Lakotah
    Synergy Rahmie
    Synergy Rufus 
    Thaison The Devil Ms Jones of Y-Not
    Tlu's ?
    Winterfrost Draco*
    Y-Not Jaguar*

  Other cats included in study group (sudden deaths, seizures, non-cancer syndromes, etc.) -

    Algebra's Pocahontas 
    Hobbikats Quicksilver
    Hobbikats Windsong of Fusion 
    Sujonz Black Ice 


    Amicus Paloma of Gamblers
    Angkor Rose Choctaw
    Arcats Maxine of Timura
    Bel Canto Andante
    Capriole Dominique
    Catananda's Serenade of Chanthara
    Destinyridge Allura
    In Lieu Trinity of Linroe
    Moqui's Phra Raja Rama of Blkcyn
    Pacificpoint "Lymphoma"
    San-Toi's E-Mail
    Skan "Lymphoma"
    Timura Silvery Moon


    Capriole Mirabella


    Acapella Bump In The Night
    Acapella Ebony Girl
    Acapella Gerold
    Acapella Mullberry
    Acapella Princessa

Sires and dams of US study group (# = multiple cases)

Acapella Arkansas Traveler
Acapella Bard
Acapella Cindy
Acapella Princessa (2)
Acapella Rocky Road
Acapella Steinway Grande (2)
Algebra's Betsy Ross of Kattalyst, DM
Algebra's Pocahontas (2)
Algebra's X Marks The Spot, DM (5)
Amicus Contessa
Angkor Rose Celeste of In Lieu
Angkor Rose Chip O'Honey
Angkor Rose Shrinkin' Violet
Arabel Sun Rose
Arabi's Zada of Atonre
Atonre's On The Town of Arabi
Begbie's Kaycee Katz of CJKatz
Bel Canto Da Capo
Bel Canto Honeycomb
Bel Canto Prelude
Berkeley's Grace Under Pressure
Berkeley's Poetic Justice of Cufflynx
Capriole Emmalee
Casadecano's Blue Hawk
Casadecano's Dangerous Liasons/Raksha
Casadecano's Midnight Streak
Casadecano's Rajah (3)
Casadecano's Silver Mariposa
Catananda's Moonstalker
Chanthara's Amadeus
Cloudcroft Zoe Zandra of Fathoms
Darkhorse Jett Rink
Del-Ri's Diamond Jubilee
Derry Downs Bandito of Katko
Eeko's Chelsea of Spurs
El-Dia Anniversary Waltz, DM
El-Dia Blue Danube
El-Dia Dream Academy of Sinchu
El-Dia Entertainer
El-Dia Galaxy of Winterfrost
El-Dia Lucky Stripe (2)
El-Dia Mardi Gras of Winterfrost
El-Dia Northern Reflection of Sinchu
Ellian Nommanic of Tlu
Elsk Star Shine of San-Toi
Fathoms Crystal Blue
Felitan Abracatabra of Algebra
Felitan Eboneeza
Felitan Mick Jaguar of Y-Not
Felitan My Fair Lady of El-Dia (2)
Felitan Tertiaryamine of Synergy (2)
Gamblers Blue Chip of Koblizek
Geishagoll Chinook
Geishagoll Gracie of Pacificpoint
Glor-ee Lady Juanita of Darkhorse
Glor-ee Lady Sybil of Darkhorse
Glor-ee Road Warrior
Goldcrown's Pepermint Patty of Arcats
Himsi Sand Dollar of CJKatz
Hobbikats Anubis of McKatley
Hobbikats Bee Gee (2)
Hobbikats Gypsy Rose Lee
Hobbikats Isis of McKatley
Hobbikats Quicksilver
Hobbikats Teufel (2)
In Lieu Regan of CCG
Killdown Kaliph of Dahin (UK import)
Korindah Indiana Jones of Pawdedeux
Korindah Kinieger of Felitan (AU import)
Ladeda Gilded Lady of Acapella (2)
Lalinda's Dalarna of Dahin
Lebianco Kristofferson of Capriole
Leealur Desert Skye of Timura
Leggs Compared to What (3)
Leggs Kiss Me Kate of Mitsumews (3)
Leggs Whiter Shade of Pale, DM
Loblolly Tar Heel Jordan of Balique
Maicats Wilkinson of Hobbikats (2)
McKatley Aotearoa Toto of Freelee
Mijonjons Mirage of Hobbikats
Mitsumews Chip 'N Dale of Algebra (5)
Mitsumews Diablo (3)
Mitsumews Piccadily of El-Dia
Mitsumews Thaisha of Y-Not 
Perelandra's Scorpio of Bel Canto
Prairiepaws Hampstead
Printer's Creevykeel
Purrsia Black Magic
Rakiscats Dama
Raksha's Shefanhow Ephel-Duath
Raksha's Zapped
Saltmarsh Zanoni of Mystic Quest
San-Toi's One Nite Stand of Spurs
Sandaul Mach-1
Sanderson's Maxamillian of Arcats
Saraka's Joshua of Myfun
Sashimi Kats Maitai of Pacificpoint
Schuyler Sara
Schuyler Silver Streak
Schuyler Sterling of Felitan
Seaomese Liam of Felitan
Seareef's Corwin of Rogue
Semyah's Wisteria of Pawdedeux
Silmara's Yankee Jazz Man
Skan Camillia
Sujonz Cold As Ice, DM
Sujonz Natalya
Sujonz Take The Money And Run
Sydsu Flash Cadillac
Synergy Begum Bug
Synergy Hashi of Felitan
Synergy Indira of Katko
Synergy Kashmir
Synergy Mallika of La Krys
Talorien's Smalltown Boy
Tebee's Blu-Zee of Freelee
Temeluphil's Argent of Glor-ee, DM (3)
Temeluphil's Thromboxane of Synergy (2)
Thaison Miss Christine C
Tintadel's ! of Tlu
Trebar's Annabelle of Capriole, DM
Vavhra Kay Gold Rush of Ardreymanor
Vindabona Mysti Morn of Timura
X-Quisit Rocket Man of Sleek Ones
Y-Not The Shadow Nose of Felitan
Y-Not WYSIWYG of Algebra
Ymei's Pookie of Arin

Non-US known or suspected lymphoma cases as of 11/1/02

    Arlo Black Adder  
    Kachelle Our Smidgey
    Kachelle Shibui
    Labforth Lara Zoe
    Naengnoi Sarah
    Woodslee Lavendernlace*
    Yarriamba Caruso Cavalier

Sires and dams of all non-US cases

Edeltier Blackjack
Jayomi Monterez
Kachelle Our Smidgey
Kee Wee Hitchhiker
Korindah Kyltie Lass
Labforth Lucinda
Maclae Gold Coast Hilton
Marann Kamis Kayla
Mayteako Cavalier
Naengnoi Ruby
Sunjade Selina
Syrecks Sanctuary Cove
Tingsoo Choclat Karla
Yarriamba Calypso

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