How our cats are named: Cathy is a great fan of the late Frank Herbert, who wrote the Dune series of books. The cattery name "Dunecats" was already taken, so Cathy chose "Rakiscats". (The real name of the planet--Arrakis--was too long, and by 15525, 1800 years after the death of Leto II, its name was shortened to "Rakis".) From the novels and The Dune Encyclopedia she compiled a list of names to be used for her cats. She decided to follow the tradition of assigning each new litter to the next letter in the alphabet, and then added her own rules, i.e., all pointed (Siamese or Balinese) girls would be given a Bene Gesserit (or Honored Matre) name, and all pointed boys would be titled (Lord, Baron, Count, etc.) and from a Major House. If there is a shortage of names under a particular letter, for example "I" or "Q", the cat's name may be constructed from Roman, Greek or Arabic names. You may also spot some Star Trek and Babylon 5 characters! Listed below are approximately 200 Dune names (when the full name is too long, only the title and first name are used).